Friday, February 03, 2017

The View From Here #171-A: The First Official NFP Fundraiser!

Hey View-ers!

I've got the latest TMRT blog coming your way in about 24 hours, but I didn't want that to distract from this very important announcement!

The Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre is now an official Not-for-Profit 501(c)3 organization!

All donations are now tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law. Our mission is to create performances that inspire, inform, enlighten, educate and entertain through the works of our great theatrical, literary and rhetorical thinkers. 

After 15 years of sharing our work just with the schools that could AFFORD it, we are now seeking government, corporation and foundation support that will enable us to share this work with every school that WANTS it, and to reshape the vision of what-is-possible for some of the people who most NEED it! 

This news, of course, comes just a little late for "end-of-year giving" and, at the moment, I'm back on the road with more performances, so I'm just launching a quick fundraiser during a brief lull in the tour! Click HERE for that!

Our grant-writer, April Peterson, is already working to meet deadlines for several funding applications, but the turn-around between submitting an application for a grant and receiving the commission for a successful grant can be several months, and I want to give a full and healthy launch to the organization while these (and more) grants are pending. There will come a tipping point when efforts for future grants are supported by income from previous commissions, but up-front money will enable her to expend the time and effort that this work demands now, rather than later. 

We've also got a new play just about ready to go! "Breakneck Julius Caesar" is now memorized and starting test performances and, as in the past, the new start-up costs of a new show hit us all at once. 

As such, we're looking to set aside $5,000 for a grant-writer, $1,000 for a new brochure and banner design (New "Breakneck Julius Caesar" designs above and latest logo below), as well as another $500 for printing. Beyond that, $1,000 will get us a new costume! This $7,500 total goal will be a quick one-month blitz in the shortest month of the year (and we're three days late already!) amid a brief lull in the winter tour, so we're looking to pull this together by February 28! It's not going to make us rich, but it's enough to get up to speed, fast!

Some of the grants that we're chasing down are "matching grants," so it's likely that your contribution will count DOUBLE! More than that, the $5,000 for the grant writer will support the writing of $50,000 in grants, so that pretty much ten-tuples your donation!

We will once again have T-shirts and mugs (and more)available as special "swag" premiums, and this time we're adding in stuff with our new "Breakneck Julius Caesar" designs! Please take a spin on over to THIS SITE to choose some stuff that you like!

Thanks for your generosity, and for sharing this info around!


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