Friday, March 13, 2015

The View From Here #165: The Indiegogo Campaign!

Illustration by David Jensen

Hey, Loyal View-ers!

I know, you haven’t heard from me since December! And I’ve got three months of stuff to catch you up on! The plan was to update you all this weekend as I lead up to my new Indiegogo Campaign going live this Monday!

And then, today, I hit “LAUNCH” when I meant to hit “PUBLISH” and all of a sudden my big campaign is LIVE and OUT THERE!

Word has it that how these campaigns go in the first 24 hours impacts the “Bandwagon Effect,” which means that, if people see that other folks are “jumping on,” then they know that they’re contributing to a campaign that lots of people belive in, and which will probably make a difference in the world!

If not… not.

But let me catch you up just a little bit!

You may recall that last summer I performed SHAKESPEARE’S HISTORIES; TEN EPIC PLAYS AT A BREAKNECK PACE at the American Association of Community Theatre International Festival in Venice, Florida, where the adjudicator from Denmark suggested that I should really do a one-man "Hamlet!"

Well, since then I’ve been like a house on fire, memorizing BREAKNECK HAMLET! It’s all up there in my brain somewhere, and I’ll probably be doing three Fringe Festivals with it this summer, but with all of the changes in plans, there’s costumes, art, photos, travel, entry fees to consider. Thus, the big fundraiser!

Photo Compiled by Marcus Fernando

I’ve got all kinds of cool swag! Much available for the first time on-line: stickers, t-shirts, coffee mugs, the Karaoke Knights CD, a yet-to-be created Hamlet Soliloquy Collection on DVD! And much more all the way up to a full performance in your living room!

Your support in getting this show to living rooms, Fringe Festivals, and beyond this summer would help me create an event that would make a huge difference in how we look at the greatest play of all time!

I’m so excited to see things coming together: David Jensen, the amazing artist from “Moliere than Thou” is back with a new image for Breakneck Hamlet!

Original Sketch by David Jensen

Kathy Conery, who created the gorgeous “Lot o’ Shakespeare” costume is on board for “Breakneck Hamlet”!
Costume(s) by Kathy Conery
And in just the six hours since this went live, people have already been amazingly generous! We’ve almost paid for the costume already! And once we do… In fact with every goal this fundraiser passes, I have pledged to post a video of yet another Hamlet soliloquy!

So, hey! Take a run over to and toss a couple bucks toward the cause! Or… almost as important: SHARE news of this with your own individual networks! Your reach exceeds my grasp! Not only does this increase the financial possibilities of this new Hamlet, but it builds a growing network of folks interested in the project, who might come out to see it when I show up in your town, or in your living room!

Thanks! A new blog coming your way soon!