The View From Here #170: Spring, 2017

The FundraiserContinues… this time with a deadline!
I started the current fundraiser with the intent to make a one month blitz out of it, but, in the throes of the tour, the new show, and a rough patch with a flurry of allergies, the fundraiser sat idle for a while…
With the spring tour almost entirely behind me, the spring e-mail campaign complete, and “Breakneck Julius Caesar” memorized and ready to go, I’ve set a definitive end to the campaign (May 5!) and am making one last big push! As of today, our on-line giving has reached $1,720, and checks-in-the-mail brought in $2,875, which puts us at $4,595, with $2,905 left to go!

My quick update on the tour, visiting some awesome "swag!" (Stickers!)

What that means is that we’ve already been able to afford a slick new brochure (I have copies for anybody out there who wants one!), a sharp new exhibit hall banner, brilliant new artwork for “Breakneck Julius Caesar” and a classy toga and leather armor for the new show.
This last pha…

The View From Here #171: Fall/Winter, 2016-17

Thanks to everyone who's been popping in to donate at!

In just two days, we're brought in $830, putting us 11% of the way to our goal, and just $170 shy of the new "Breakneck Julius Caesar" costume! 

Back to the tour! Racing back from some successful Utah shows, I made a quick stop in Nebraska, with a Shakespeare workshop at U-Nebraska-Kearney, and pushing on back to Chicago for one day. In an odd stroke of timing, my “agent” called me in for an audition on the one day that I would be in town! It was for an “industrial,” which is usually an in-house video for corporate use. The director seemed very enthusiastic about my performance, and as the door was swinging closed behind me, I could hear him tell the cameraman, “That was a Five.”
(Which, of course, begs the question, “On a scale of…?”)
I had another return visit to Lewis University, where they’ve now hosted me four times (they also use my textbook, “Acting at the Speed of Life” in their acting classes…