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Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!

Thanks, Shakespeare, or whoever you are… too humble, too noble, to take a bow without bringing shame to your family… or attention to yourself.
Thanks to you, I have a job today.
Thanks to you, maybe 20% of the actors in live theatre are able to sustain careers. Your existence is the closest thing we have going towards an “Actor Full Employment Act.”
Thanks to you, perhaps, the live theatre exists as a going concern… as something other than a relentless parade of musicals.
Thanks to you, perhaps, the English language exists as a going concern. 450 or so years ago, you gave us a language upon which we could hang our hats. Words that cemented thoughts in place… Thoughts that cemented characters in place… characters that cemented ideas in place… Ideas that put a frame around life as we have known it for 400 or so years.
Today I got to recite a bunch of words to an audience that DID NOT CARE that they had been spoken a million times before. I got to pretend that I was the first guy who ever tho…