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The View From Here # 167: Summer/Fall, 2015

I have often thought that life on the road is just like real life, only more exaggerated, with higher highs and lower lows… Having enjoyed both in the course of the last 48 hours, I’m thinking it’s time to gather thoughts and update the blog… I now notice that it’s been quite some time (six months) since the last release... April 7! Those have been some very full months!
I tend to do much more updating on Facebook, so if you’re interested in more live action play-by-play, you might want to check in with me there… (Right now it’s just a personal page, but one of these days, I’m going to set up a performer page and find out how many people “like” me.) 

And, at least one friend (I'm looking at you Bill Webster!) has complained of my loquacious style in these epic tales, requesting that I edit it back to "maybe one or two pages." To which I respond: "Thanks for the input." 
I left you in the midst of the breathless Indiegogo Campaign for Breakneck Hamlet, following …