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The View From Here #163: Summer, 2014

I last left you, gentle reader, at the end of the Orlando Fringe Festival, and am happy to report that the final two performances of that run sold out!

I was sad to see that some of the high school students who’d come out specially to see my show were not able to get in, particularly as the capacity of the theatre was understated, with always a few empty seats, even in the “sell-outs.” And yet, all in all, I was grateful for a successful premiere.
Keeping the show under the 60-minute limit was always a challenge, and I think I averaged 58:30 for most of the run, though one performance started off with a screw up of the slide show, which set me back about 45 seconds before I even started!
I got to hang out with lots of old and new friends, staying with the Pergande’s once again; this year, they were also putting up Winnie and Brittney from Denver’s “Dangerous Theatre,” (photo, left) and Winnie even set up an engagement for performances in Denver this September!

One of the youngest at…