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The View From Here #116: Edmonton, AB

Just when you think the whole “struggling” thing is behind you, there seems to be more struggling yet in front of you.

I had looked forward to Edmonton, as rather the Shangri La of Fringes, knowing that there was a huge audience out there to be gotten, and assuming that they were already mine.

I’d assumed that a couple of the Edmonton reviewers had found their way out to Winnipeg, catching my show already on a couple of my better performances there. I don’t know why … perhaps seeing men “of a certain age” sitting off to the side at my show, or towards the back, left me to assume that my Edmonton reviews were already mostly written. Those had been among my best performances, so I was feeling pretty confident.

But I had the small matter of an opening night show yet to perform, before any reviews were to come out. An annoyance, really, but there it was. I was on at 10:30 on the opening night of the fringe. I could have gone to more effort to recruit an audience, giving away free tickets a…

The View From Here #115: Minneapolis, MN

First, just a quick heads-up to anyone who might have missed the last two issues: My computers were stolen in Winnipeg, and I am slowly rebuilding the reader list (now up to about 338 of what had been 425). If you think you missed an issue, please jump down to the previous issues, below on this blog. In fact, you can revisit anything dating back as far as 2004 at this site. (By the way, as you can probably see as you’re reading this, I’ve just now learned how to add photos to my blog [... or perhaps just one photo to my blog ... I'm still trying to add incriminating shots from some of the recent parties...] so this should be a much more fun way to read the View From Here.)

After a week of waiting, and yet another break in to my car (stealing my passport this time), the glass finally arrived in Winnipeg on Monday morning, just as I was about to leave town. I stopped and had it replaced, before hitting the road with Amy Salloway, heading back to Minneapolis, arriving at around 11 pm…

The View From Here: "Help ... "

Hello my Friends,


I’ll be sending out the latest edition of “The View From Here” in a very short while, but first, I wanted to alert you to a rather important request. (To make sure it doesn’t get buried in my lengthy chat.)

Help! My computer equipment all got stolen in Winnipeg! (They broke into my car.)

Fortunately, I have such a great group of supporters out there. Over 400 people reading “The View From Here.”

Unfortunately, I’ve lost about half of their e-mail addresses. Any address added or changed since July 2004.

Apparently, yours, I still have.

If you are reading this note on one of my websites, and are wondering what happened to the View … I need to get your e-mail address again. Please forward it my way.

So, here are my requests:

If you know of anyone who has belonged to the “View From Here” list, who’s information may have changed, or who may have joined in the last two years, please forward me their info. If you’ve retained any e-mail I’ve sent to a group of people, please …

The View From Here #114: Chicago, IL; Winnipeg, MB

I take it as a great sign of my own personal evolution that I am still upbeat these days.

As my previous message has indicated, I lost quite a bit in a car break-in the other day. Data that I have been assembling, generating and accumulating for 10 years was lost. I have started over from zero, and am currently caught up to somewhere around the fall of 2004.

Either I have lost my mind, or there is something refreshing about actually being able to start over from zero. Perhaps for once I don’t feel responsible for stuff I’ve been carrying around with me for years.

And all around me, people are rallying to my aid: Donations, equipment loans, a beer here and there. An article in the newspaper. If you never fall, you never give the universe the opportunity to catch you.

I will be recovering from this loss for at least the next three months. Probably the next year. But for the moment, the slate is clean, and I can choose my priorities.

But back to where we left off … a month or so ago … (cue…