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The View From Here #166: Winter/Spring, 2015

Well, it’s been all Hamlet, almost all of the time now!
I spent much of January working on Hamlet’s Act III, which is the longest of the five, at least as I’ll be performing them. As with all of my Fringe Festival shows, I’m fighting to keep this show under 60 minutes, which means that Hamlet’s five acts need to AVERAGE 12 minutes each.
Act III checks in at around 18 minutes! But it’s where all the fireworks happen: From “To be or not to be,” to “Get thee to a nunnery, to the “Advice to the Players,” to the crucial play within the play, to the passed opportunity to kill Claudius (“Now might I do it pat”) to the unfortunate killing of Polonius, to the reprimand of Gertrude (“Oh, Shame, where is thy blush?”)… It all kind-of had to BE there in order to tell this story. (In time since January, I seem to have picked up the pace to get Act III down closer to 16 minutes, so there’s hope.)
I crossed my fingers that Acts IV and V would be shorter.
I paused to do another Pathways Weekend.