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The View From Here: Remembering Ray Pickens

From the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle: “Ray Lewis Pickens passed away unexpectedly August 12, 2007. He is survived by his wife, Alice (Kanack) Pickens; children, Daphne & Alexander; parents, Homer & Norma Pickens; brother, Drew (Jill) Pickens; nieces, Laura, Beth & Kate Pickens. He is also survived by Alice's parents; brothers; sisters; nieces, nephews and dear friends.”

I got a call Wednesday night from Alice Pickens. Going through Ray’s things, she had come across my business card, and was reminded of Ray’s work on several of my projects. He had written music to perhaps twenty of my pop songs, many of which were used in “Karaoke Knights,” wrote incidental music for my Cleveland production of “Imaginary Invalid” and a full score for my yet unproduced adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s “All Summer In A Day.”

Ray was a brilliant composer, and wrote in every imaginable genre. He was educated at the Eastman School of Music (where he was the winner of their concerto competiti…

The View From Here #125: Minneapolis, MN

The last issue of TVFH was perhaps the first time that I forgot to attach “Discoveries” to the bottom of the issue, perhaps due to the long layoff of about two months since the previous edition. But if I were to attach a discovery to it, it would suggest that repetition is the key to marketing. Your message needs to get in front of your audience perhaps six or seven times before they “see” it.

Also forgotten in the rush to pull together a new issue of the blog was a really nice review that had come in from one of the faculty with whom I’d shared the latest draft of my acting book. David Deacon, formerly of Texas A&M, Kingsville, wrote me with the following remarks:

“I have been reading your text of Acting at the Speed of Life with unmatched enthusiasm. Thank you for sharing. I see the distillation of your vast workshop experiences in its pages. This future book unquestionably fills a niche in the lexicon of acting texts now on the market—one that needs filling. As a product of &quo…