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The View From Here #141: IN, NY, VA, IL, TX, MO, AR, KY, VA, PA, IL, WI, ID

Way back in mid-September I started the fall tour, with a show in Indianapolis, hosted by a high school French teacher who was the first to successfully apply for and receive one of Kirsten’s matching grants to pull the thing together. It all came together fairly last-minute, and we were unsure whether the show would actually happen until a few days in advance of the performance, but given that I’d spent a long summer not actually earning money, I was fairly determined to make it happen.

The show took place in an auditorium in the basement of a college library, mostly designed for lectures. The acoustics were good, but a big Audio-visual platform stood between the front rows of seats, which disrupted the sight lines any time I’d come down into the audience. I got into costume in an A-V closet behind the audience, and in the flurry of getting packed up after the very well-received performance, I left Moliere’s platform shoes in the closet, not noticing that I didn’t have them with me u…