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The View From Here #123: Lancaster, PA; New Rochelle, NY; Sacramento, CA; Trout Lake, & Spokane, WA

Working with my new camera lately, I’m learning how to lift still shots off of the video. Since the camera is High-Definition, those still shots actually come out very good. I pulled several of them for use on my amazing new website. (I didn’t have any photos handy of my workshop, which I managed to record while I was in Louisiana.) I’ll post a couple of them here.

Following a very brief weekend home, I headed east with a show at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This was my second show in Lancaster, and the professor there was actually the first teacher to book my gig on behalf of a French department five years ago, and had been the one to hook me into the networks of French teachers who have since booked my show so many times.

The show was, again, very well received, and I also had a fun workshop for the French students, but most of my memories are around the terrific hotel they put me up at, and the delicious dinner we had the night before the show.

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The View From Here: Addendum

Bonjour my friends!

As the spring tour speeds to its conclusion, I'm overdue with another issue of "The View From Here," but wanted to give you a heads-up about the NEW FACELIFT the Moliere-in-English website has gotten!

Please click on, and explore and enjoy!

Yours truly,