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The View From Here #85: San Antonio, Brownwood & Dallas, TX

I bid goodbye to my host in West Virginia (Bess Park-Reynolds, wife of Lang Reynolds, for those of you who attended SIU), and got onto the highway. The temperature was zero Fahrenheit, and I watched it gradually climb as I proceeded south. I was amazed to see it jump from fourteen to nineteen as I passed through Charleston, and then drop back to fourteen as soon as I had passed. I realized that there was all sorts of ambient heat from the cars and buildings that was being lost in the city, and found myself wondering how long we could afford to heat the planet.

I was making good time heading south, aiming for Birmingham, Alabama for the night, but just outside Chattanooga, Tennessee, the traffic stopped, nearly dead. Eventually, it was re-routed, through a side road, before returning to the highway, twenty miles south and three hours later. I needed to go to the bathroom for practically that entire time. Chattanooga is now the site of the two worst traffic jams I’ve encountered in my 3…