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The View From Here #93: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Cincinnati, OH

With three days off between performances, I could catch up on a backlog of e-mailing. I was less driven to promote my show at this fringe, though during the evenings I was still seeing other shows and passing out flyers whenever possible. The fringe staff was great about wearing my “I’m Looking For A Groupie” stickers, and mentioning my show in pre-show announcements, but my feeling was that I was fighting the inertia of an audience that was particularly uneager to visit my venue (site of my car getting sideswiped, and at least one audience member’s car getting broken into through the course of the run). My show was not one of the three chosen for “pick of the fringe,” and that was a disappointment, although I couldn’t argue with the three shows that were chosen.

Even so, I saw improved attendance through the course of the run (about 20 and 30 in the final performances), and the “buzz” was very good. People that I was “flyering” were saying, “Oh, yeah, I hear that’s a great show.” This…

The VIew From Here #92: Orlando, FL & Cincinnati, OH

Following the audience of seven that ended up being an audience of three when all was done, I anticipated an even smaller turn-out for Sunday’s last show in Orlando. One actress had promised me she would attend, and I wondered if one would be my total for the show. Upon arrival at the theatre, I noted that the crowds had lightened up significantly, with very few people roaming the halls, and perhaps a dozen at the beer tent. I even contemplated having a couple of beers at the beer tent before the show to loosen me up and help me not care how many people were attending. Thankfully I resisted the temptation, if only so that I wouldn’t find myself suppressing a series of belches as I tried to sing.

Imagine my surprise when the attendance for this show nearly doubled my previous high. I watched with some surprise as 28 people filed in.

And they were great. They laughed at everything. They cheered at the “tango scene.” They sang along with the karaoke sequences. I was beginning to feel the r…