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The View From Here #83: Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas Everybody!

I've been enjoying a respite from the road for the past few weeks. A chance to dig in and sort through the piles of papers that accumulate and accomplish things that are actually impossible on the road, like getting something written.

I've caught up, and fallen behind again on e-mails, and I'm sure you all will understand that if I can't even keep up with the e-mails that go flying about without even the benefit of a stamp or envelope, that there's no way I'll get to Christmas cards. Of course, you guys get to read the equivalent of my "Christmas Letter Home" about every two or three weeks, and would probably just as soon NOT get any new photocopied pages from me. Ha! Just see me confining my annual report to one side of a single-spaced page of text. Only if they invent the one-point font size!

By the way, don't forget to sign up for the listserv at: . I'll continue doing t…

The View From Here #82: The Internet

Following a week of poring over ALL OF THE BACK ISSUES of "The View FromHere," (360 single-spaced pages and growing) I now have everything, to date, loaded onto the Yahoo Groups website. If, for whatever reason, you joined in the middle of the tour, you are now welcome to go back and read tales of my misadventures to your heart's content. Or until you fall asleep. Which may be the same moment.

AND SO, rather than running The View From Here as a straightforward e-mail, I'm now going to be running it as a "listserv" which means that I'll send it to Yahoo, and Yahoo will forward it to you as an e-mail. This means that sudden crashes of my computer will be unable to destroy my address book. I'll also be loading photos and calendar information onto the website, so there will be other fun things available. (Downside: Yahoo will attach advertising to the beginnings of these e-mails. Please just ignore this. These are not products that I endorse in any way.…