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The View From Here #121: Norman, OK

Reviewing recent e-mails, I was reminded of my performance at Central Methodist University, and the “Tartuffe” seduction scene. The show was going great, but it was one of those nights when no hands were going up in the first 15 seconds after asking for a volunteer.

From the back of the room came a gruff voice: “I’ll do it!”

On occasion in the past, we have “cross-cast” the volunteer scenes, mostly with women in the “Scapin” scene. Only once before have we had a man in the “Tartuffe” scene, but it had gotten big laughs, so I waved the fellow up to the stage.

I should have known by the amount of time it took him to get onto the stage that this was going to be a problem.

I should have known by the tone of his voice when he said “I’ll do it.”
The man was lit up like a Christmas tree. I could smell the alcohol from ten feet away.

It was impossible to even do a kind-of-a-parody of the seduction scene, because I had no idea what he might take seriously or not, in performance. If I made an inadver…

The View From Here #120: Fayette, MO; Houston & Dallas, TX; Norman, OK

Is it February already? Is the Super Bowl upon us? Where have I been? Where has the time gone?

It was Thanksgiving the last time I gave an update, and I spent about a week downloading all my favorite songs onto my I-pod. I’m not here to give commercials for the I-pod people, but I now have about 3500 of my favorite songs on it, a few music videos, a bunch of podcasts (you’ll want to check out Tom X. Chao’s “Peculiar Utterance of the Day”) , and I’ve installed a new radio in my car, which links in both XM Satellite Radio (for Air America) and my i-pod, and sitting on my current kitchen counter is a Bose sound system that the i-pod plugs directly into.

I finished an edit of The View From Here just before December 1, in time to commit the month of December to chasing down an agent for my books. (Usually I take on writing projects in December; this year I realized all of these writing projects have collected un-sold on my computer.) I sent out at least one inquiry a day for 31 days, and hav…