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The View From Here #86: Chicago, IL & Lincoln, NE

People were complaining about the Texas Educational Theatre Association conference being at a hotel that was actually in the airport. I’d stayed at a cheaper hotel a couple miles away, but just parking the car I had to pass through a labyrinth, which eventually let me out two miles from the conference, and it took two shuttle buses to get back to the hotel.

Getting out of the car, I grabbed about 15 brochures, not wanting to lug too much around through the conference, but soon discovered that I was running into lots of people who wanted them. There was an exhibit hall, including a couple of publishers who were considering my work. One, in particular, seemed particularly interested in my collection of “Moliere Monologues,” and they’d remembered me from a conference in New York about 18 months ago.

I went off to give my workshop, now with about 5 brochures left, and another 5 business cards, and I had to double check that I was in the right room, when I saw that my workshop room was alr…