Saturday, December 04, 2004

The View From Here #82: The Internet

Following a week of poring over ALL OF THE BACK ISSUES of "The View FromHere," (360 single-spaced pages and growing) I now have everything, to date, loaded onto the Yahoo Groups website. If, for whatever reason, you joined in the middle of the tour, you are now welcome to go back and read tales of my misadventures to your heart's content. Or until you fall asleep. Which may be the same moment.

AND SO, rather than running The View From Here as a straightforward e-mail, I'm now going to be running it as a "listserv" which means that I'll send it to Yahoo, and Yahoo will forward it to you as an e-mail. This means that sudden crashes of my computer will be unable to destroy my address book. I'll also be loading photos and calendar information onto the website, so there will be other fun things available. (Downside: Yahoo will attach advertising to the beginnings of these e-mails. Please just ignore this. These are not products that I endorse in any way.)

Thus, IN ORDER TO CONTINUE RECEIVING "The View From Here," you will need to follow these instructions one time only. (I am told that a monkey can do it, in less than five minutes.)Point your web browser to: (Probably just clicking on that address will take you there.) From this site you click on the button that says "Join This Group," and that will take you to a page where you answer a handful of questions. (This is "safe." I signed up a month ago and have not gotten spammed by it.)

I will continue to send the next couple of issues out via regular e-mail to those who have not signed up, but will phase that out very soon.In case you're not confused enough, parallel to this, I have begun a "Blog" (short for "weblog"). It will contain all of the same material from The View From Here, but will be accessed in different ways, probably by a whole different set of people. If you'd like to visit the weblog (still in its developing phases) you can go to:

AND EVENTUALLY, all of this will link up to a NEW WEBSITE that we are developing. There is nothing (worth looking at) loaded onto that site yet, so I'll refrain from giving you that web address for the moment! This website, however, will be the Master Website featuring the Tim Mooney Repertory Theatre, from which the public will be able to connect to "Moliere Than Thou," "Criteria," "Karaoke Knights," and other theatrical booking opportunities.

I know, I know, "Shut up before you confuse us any further."BUT FIRST, let me just note that my weblog is already linked to the Vancouver Fringe Web Page, and so I expect the Vancouver audience of the View From Here and potentially, my show this coming summer, is growing already. As such, and since I don't have any new performances to report on today, I want to TEASE those curious Vancouver readers with salacious selections of the show!Here, therefore, is the OPENING NUMBER for "Karaoke Knights, a One-Man Rock Opera:" "I'm Looking for a Groupie" (For now it's just lyrics; Probably, at some point, I'll get MP3s of the music on-line.)

Looking For A Groupie

I'm looking for a groupie,
No soul-mate quite for me,
A woman who looks better
Than I deserve to see.
A lover in the thrall
Of what I say and do,
Oh, how I'd hypnotize her
Bed and wed her ere I'm through.

I've got to find that groupie,
Who can't hold herself back
But when I'm done
Performing comes on
With her attack.
I'd need no introduction
Except my probing eyes,
There'd be no competition
She'd just give me the prize.

Oh Lord, bring me a groupie
Who's way above my league
Who's thrilled with my performance
And looks for some intrigue
For while she watches what I do
She might not give a damn
About the way I tend to look,
Or who I really am.

And if I should find that groupie
Backstage or in a bar
She'd be my tender
Plaything and I
Would be her star.
We'd feed each other's needs,
It's perfect, though, in fact,
The toughest part would be that I
Could never drop the act!

Big finish; big bow. LIGHTS out.
Copyright, 2002-2004 By Tim Mooney (Music by Ray Lewis)


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