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The View From Here #169: Winter/Spring, 2016!

The Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre is now under the fiscal sponsorship of Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)3 organization! 

If you'd like to support our mission of "Inspiring, Informing, Enlightening, Educating and Entertaining through our Great Theatrical Thinkers," your contribution by way of THIS LINK is now deductible! ( the extent permited by law). (This is our first step toward going not-for-profit under our own "umbrella.")

Southern Union State Community College is the first college ever to request “The Greatest Speech of All Time” and “Shakespeare’s Histories; Ten Epic Plays at a Breakneck Pace” as part of the same evening’s entertainment. Both of them trace a historical series of events in chronological order, with “Speech” spanning from 500 BC to 1968, and “Histories” spanning from 1066-1533, and it works, at least theoretically: We take a look at the macro and the micro in short order, spanning some 2500 years, and focusing in tighter on some 500 years.…