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The View From Here #165: The Indiegogo Campaign!

Hey, Loyal View-ers!
I know, you haven’t heard from me since December! And I’ve got three months of stuff to catch you up on! The plan was to update you all this weekend as I lead up to my new Indiegogo Campaign going live this Monday!
And then, today, I hit “LAUNCH” when I meant to hit “PUBLISH” and all of a sudden my big campaign is LIVE and OUT THERE!
Word has it that how these campaigns go in the first 24 hours impacts the “Bandwagon Effect,” which means that, if people see that other folks are “jumping on,” then they know that they’re contributing to a campaign that lots of people belive in, and which will probably make a difference in the world!
If not… not.
But let me catch you up just a little bit!
You may recall that last summer I performed SHAKESPEARE’S HISTORIES; TEN EPIC PLAYS AT A BREAKNECK PACE at the American Association of Community Theatre International Festival in Venice, Florida, where the adjudicator from Denmark suggested that I should really do a one-man &qu…