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The View From Here #164: Fall, 2014

Happy New Year!
And now, flashing back to last year! September, 2014! There I was, getting back to the highway! 
This time around, it’s the “First and Last Month’s Rent Tour!”
Gearing up to tuck in with my own place to live, yes, in just ONE region of the U.S., I drew up one last full-country tour, and set out.
I met Winnie Wenglewick of The Dangerous Theatre during the Orlando Fringe Festival, and she brought me in to perform for two weekends in Denver. Given that it was the first two weekends of September, it was too early in the semester for most schools to bring me in, but I managed to get in seven performances over two weekends with a very warm audience response, along with a nice Colorado vacation.
Moving westward, I pushed on to a series of visits with a who’s who of Friends-On-The-Road: Brenda in Twin Falls, Joe Proctor in Missoula, Joe Jacoby in Coeur d’alene, David and Beth and Babs and Jorj and Patti and Lee in Seattle, Bill Luce in Portland, my brother Pat, and Brenda &…