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The View From Here #162: Winter/Spring, 2014

Yes, another chapter of “My Fab Life on the Road…!” Will it be the last?
Last January’s book release party went forward SANS book. While I had a couple copies of the final proof in hand, the book itself did not arrive until the day AFTER the performance, and I proceeded to drive copies around the Chicago area. 

The reviews showing up on Amazon included these terrific comments (have you posted yours yet?): "This book is a must. Tim Mooney’s dazzling, encapsulated renditions of Shakespeare’s plays are robust, dedicated, and nothing short of brilliant artistry. Tim's knowledge and understanding of the work of William Shakespeare, and easily understood dissemination of same, are, for me, comparable to Carl Sagan's interpretation of the Cosmos. Only faster, and funnier." (Eduardo Santiago, award-winning author of “Midnight Rumba”) "This book and the performance based upon it do an outstanding job of explaining the larger context of Shakespeare's history plays in a …