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The View From Here #160: Fall, 2013!

Twelve thousand miles later… I’m back!
It’s been the busiest Fall that I can remember, and the coming spring is shaping up as the busiest Spring, ever, as well. Having announced that this is THE FINAL YEAR OF THE TOUR!, folks is coming out of the woodwork… some people I never knew had an interest in booking a show, are responding that the want to get me in while they still can.
Sure, I could whine about “Where have you guys been all this time?” but let’s just ride the wave and be grateful. At least I’m able to eat this year.
It’s impossible to know the impact that you are having on the world. Impressions that you make in passing may be received and transform people well beyond the circle that you encounter. Having a “Google-alert” and a “TalkWalkerAlert” set up in my name, occasionally information about me gets back to me. Last September a woman starting a theatre company in Kansas City mentioned on her blog... Theatre is a communial art – nothing is done by one person (and when i…