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The View From Here #155: CA, TX, TN, SC, IL, NJ, MA, ME, NY, MN, FL

4 Months and 20,000 Miles later…
This seems to be the longest span between View From Here releases, as the last official update came out on February 20, 2012 (just over four months ago… maybe longer by the time I actually publish this). I did put out a “Shakespeare’s Birthday” blog post in response to a website that was hosting greetings to Shakespeare, but my drive to assemble this posting has been curtailed by at least two influences:
1)I’m busier than ever. As I’ve diversified my work into new plays, new books, more projects and desperate attempts to get booked, I generally don’t find myself with an extra day, or three, on my hands to assemble all of the goings-on of the past months, the website links, the photos and videos that will bring us fully up to date.
2)I have an increasing number of outlets for expression. Social networking has almost made the publication of a blog beside the point, as I can upload info, updates, photos and videos almost instantaneously. I can now, often, si…