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The View From Here #150: CO, CA, OR, WI, FL, NE

It’s the sesquicentennial “View From Here!”
Given that most of us have ten finges and ten toes, numbers such as five and ten, and their various mulitiples, are considered “round numbers” and given some sort of priority.
Or perhaps we are simply organized so that we insert meaning where no meaning actually exists.
Or maybe, as in my case, we like words with a “Q”.
I started these updates back in the Fall of 2002, and have since then written over 260,000 words over 419 pages… (actually, I’ve written more, but have edited heavily.) I’ve performed for an estimated 100,000+ people, memorizing and retaining, variously, over 55,000 words. I’ve driven over 415,000 miles in that time.
Where we left me last, I was headed from Minneapolis to Denver, with a performance of “Moliere than Thou” at the University of Denver, as sponsored by the French Department. The show was thinly attended, but well received, and although my host from the French department was on sabbatical, I was surprised to discov…