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The View From Here, #149: GA, KY, IN, IL, PA, FL, WV, KS, MN

Life seems to be travelling at a blistering speed these days, especially since getting the book published… perhaps because it adds one more consideration and level of discussion or promotion between myself and everyone that I encounter on the road, or all of my various networks… or maybe it’s because life is actually going by especially fast these days, wth relentless driving, bookings evenly divided between two different shows, all seemingly scattered thousands of miles away from each other!
With a shipment of the first 100 books now in hand, I found my way down to the annual Southeast Theatre Conference, with April keeping relentless track of who was getting free copies of the book. I had already offered free copies to teachers who’d hosted me in the past, and some of them were at the conference (saving me a bit of mailing costs).

It felt great to be able to give people something that they were so eager to get. Or perhaps, to know that they were so eager to get something that I had c…