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The View From Here #143: TX, CO, KY, OH, NY, SC, AL, IL, WA

"Tartuffe" freakin’ Rocked!

We had a so-so preview performance, and the next day we reflected on the best rehearsal we’d had. It was one in which the cast warmed up with a run through of the first 8 minutes or so before throwing themselves into the show with reckless abandon. And so that, along with our outrageous curtain call became our warm up, and the cast recaptured that sense of reckless abandon in performance, and all the funniest stuff bubbled to the top.

I managed to record the Saturday night performance, with a lively audience and have since posted the entire play on-line, including the preshow pantomime, the between-acts flurry of activity, the intermission lazzi and the hilarious curtain call. The opening scene has already had over 200 views. (In fact, last spring’s “Misanthrope” opening scene is about to hit 4,000 views!)

Word has it that the second weekend of “Tartuffe” was even better than the first, but I was off on my way by then, with a fabulous stop in New Orl…