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The View From Here #124: Evanston, IL & Baton Rouge, LA

Moving into my new apartment, I discovered that, almost a much as the ability to dance around the living room in my underwear, and almost as much as the proximity to the lake and having a large office to spread my stuff out, I enjoyed having wall space, where I could hang photos and theatre posters that I hadn’t been able to look at in more than seven years.

I had been living in the perpetual present, with no evidence of a past and sometimes vague notions of a future.

I began the long-defered challenge: restoring the data lost with the theft of my laptops almost exactly one year ago.

This project quickly grew in the execution as, beyond the Theatre faculty I’d tracked down back in the summer of 2002, I was now running through the French departments, the History departments and even the English departments. I was looking up the acting faculty, the directing faculty, the Voice, Movement, Theory, and Dramaturgy Faculty, the Modern Drama, Shakespeare, World Drama Faculty, as well as the 1…