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The View From Here #122: Ocala & Gainesville, FL; Atlanta, GA; Lexington, KY; Lafayette, LA

Back in January, I took a day trip down to Dallas, while we were rehearsing Moliere, nights, in Oklahoma. I performed the hour-long version of the show at a high school, where, backstage, before the show started, I could here the technicians conversing over the dressing room monitor. After the show, I returned to the dressing room to change, and could hear them talking to each other, once again.

This time, though, their conversation was something to the effect of, “Can you believe that? He totally nailed that! He was like word-for-word in the script! That was incredible! Can you believe that …?!” It was fun to be the fly on that wall.

The shows closed in Oklahoma with one last performance, which was not without its adventures, including late and missed entrances at the very end of Precious Young Maidens, particularly by an actress who only has one line. (The actors were watching the clock to judge her entrance, and we’d taken an abbreviated intermission that day.) I felt bad that she …