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The View From Here #113: Arlington Heights, IL

Okay, I’m going to write fast. This is an interim “View From Here,” to give you a quick heads up as I gear up for the next big traveling season.

Contrary to some suggestion from the last “View”, I am NOT going to stop sending out these updates, but rather was drawing that particular line of narrative to a close, to give some sort of punctuation to the book I am pulling together.

What have I been up to? Mailings, Posters and Books. I’ve sent out lots of e-mails, mostly to French teachers, in anticipation of the annual American Association of Teachers of French Conference, and the response is still active and lively.

I downloaded a 30-day trial of Adobe Illustrator, and re-did all of my flyers and posters and brochures in about 30 days. As of today, I’m cut off again, but I may be able to live off of the advertising I’ve pulled together for the next 5 or 6 months.

I’ve updated most of my books with new drafts, and gotten some copies into the hands of some publishers / editors / agents, …