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The View From Here #106: Normal, IL & Austin, TX

Standing in line at the Walgreen’s, I got an idea for a Christmas present. They were advertising photo calendars, and with all of the family that I’d visited, and snapped photos of, on the road, I realized that I was in a unique position to assemble a calendar of my own. Rather than a single photo for each month, I thought about how great it might be to track birthdays, by inserting a photo of brothers-sister-nephews-cousins, etc., onto the individual calendar square that represented their birthday. (I don’t recall when the last time was that I’d actually remembered one of my nephew’s birthdays.) Of course, Walgreen’s service was nowhere near this detailed, so this meant assembling such an item from scratch using Power Point.

It was a much bigger project than anticipated. Every time I explained the nature of the project to a given cousin, it seemed, they would respond with the birth date of their spouse and their kids, or even their grandkids. By the time I was done, the calendar inde…