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The View From Here #100: Vancouver, BC

Wow, it’s the centenary edition of “The View From Here!”

According to the word document that I keep these things in, I am now on page 459, (single spaced), with 237,689 words.

There’s a book in here somewhere.

Perhaps as fascinating as the fact that I have written that much, is the fact that some of you have actually READ that much!

I certainly had no idea, when I wrote my first entry back in September of 2002, that I would still be writing, or touring, or that people would still be reading. Go figure. (The readership of this thing has gradually climbed to over 300 people.)

So, from San Francisco, I drove north. I failed to arrange meet-ups in Northern California, or Southern Oregon, so I plowed on ahead to Portland. Yes, I know, by taking I-5 I missed all of that beautiful coastline along the way.

Sometimes the scenery is just too damn beautiful. Especially when there’s no one to share it with, but my camera. You go to say, “Oh, honey, look at that!” And then realize that there’s no “ho…

The View From Here #99: Saskatoon, SK & Boulder, CO

I am SOOOO looking forward to Vancouver!

From which you may infer that, yes, the remaining shows of Saskatoon, and the Boulder Fringe were a bit of a bust.

But I am sooo looking forward to Vancouver.

I start this note from a little hotel in Craig, Colorado. The road is calling to me, but I want to at least get a start on this, so my thoughts start to organize themselves. I kept waiting for that brilliant moment of resolution which would create that nicely-packaged happy ending for my latest episode of TVFH.

And it’s not that there is no happy ending to capture, but it’s not the one I was anticipating.

And here I continue to anticipate: this time it’s Vancouver, which is going to be a brilliant show, for reasons that I’ll get to in a moment. (The Vancouver website has a link to my blog, so hopefully, the anticipation from the audience will be high, as well.) (Are you out there, Vancouverites? How about dropping me a note?)

So, no review of my show ever appeared in the Saskatoon paper. It fel…