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The View From Here #91: Cleveland, OH & Orlando, FL

Well, I’ve been existing amid the rapids of life the past week or so. Or, given that this is Orlando, perhaps the roller coaster is the obvious metaphor.

First there was the race to get “Imaginary Invalid” up and running in Cleveland, with some final hard decisions about the interludes (cutting about 30% of them in the final days of rehearsals), and working to get packed up simultaneously. I bought a sound system for “Karaoke Knights” which, along with the flat screen TV set, filled the car to bursting, and I recycled the empty cans and bottles I’d been collecting over six weeks.

Running the show, I would also run the set up/take down process, and found that I could get the show up in less than 15 minutes, which is my limit for the fringe events. My sound engineer also put together a DVD of the show, which enables me to flip from the audio backing track to a karaoke video seamlessly. Of course, I’ve been rehearsing with audio-only for many months now, so the karaoke tracks are taking so…

The View From Here #90: Cleveland, OH & Orlando, FL

Sorry about the long drop-off in installments … or did anybody notice? With two shows getting ready to open, there’s a constant struggle to keep on top of issues, and either show has a tendency to suck up what once looked like a free morning, or day.

Let me see if I can capture the intervening weeks with a once-over-lightly treatment, rather than the usual play-by-play.

Early on, I did another major e-mailing project. I sent off my semi-annual e-mail to College/University Theatre departments. I’ve also done a major once-over on my “maybe next year list,” sorting out possible stops in potential venues and getting much more specific about just where I am available to perform just when. With each booking that comes in I tighten the schedule tighter, and am able to get more clear with the potential venues about exactly which dates I am available. As noted before, the FEWER dates I have available, the greater the likelihood of booking the show. This seems contradictory, but when I write some…