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The View From Here #89: Decorah, IA, Bloomington, Elgin, Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights, Elmhurst, IL, Grosse Point, MI & Cleveland, OH

First of all, thanks for all the inquiries about my dad. He’s doing fine, with the exception perhaps of the bother from all of the tests the hospital put him through.

Suddenly the shows race past me, and just as suddenly they come to a halt. The last two weeks of the tour were a sprint with barely any time to note what was going on. Following a fast weekend in Chicago, I made my way out to the northeast corner of Iowa. I forget that Iowa’s northern border is actually well north of Illinois’ border, which meant that I went to Iowa via Madison, Wisconsin.

It’s actually a very pretty area, with a varied landscape, particularly near the Mississippi River. My cell phone was out of commission for the course of this visit.

They actually squeezed quite a bit into two days, with a workshop for the acting students (the usual, classical acting workshop), a workshop for French students (“the Life of Moliere” and “Creative Writing” squeezed into a 50-minute class), a workshop for a local theatre trou…