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The View From Here #142: IL, WI, MI

The day after my return from the Pacific Northwest, I turned around and headed north to Wisconsin, for the Wisconsin Theatre Association, where the Middleton High School version of my “The Miser” was competing in the state finals. The production was terrific, with one especially good performance by the actor playing the Miser, Harpagon. (My cousin Jan, who met me in Whitewater for the performance, thought he was a professional actor.) The competition judges named it to “All State,” which is apparently one step shy of the highest rating, “Critics Choice.” The only reason it did not receive “Critic’s Choice” is because the show ran a minute past the competition’s 35-minute limit.

On my way home from Whitewater, the alternator gave out on my car, and I had to have it towed to a shop, while Dad drove up to pick me up in McHenry, Illinois.

You might have assumed I’d be in a bad mood from my car breaking down, but between the success of the performance, and my awareness of the thousands of …