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The View From Here #98: Winnipeg, MB & Saskatoon, SK

Hey! In the good news category, I am now published! If you would like to order copies of my “Tartuffe” or “Imaginary Invalid, please go to: “ Just as soon as I get some extra time, I’ll be sending announcements wide and far.

Somehow, as I get into the middle of one fringe, the previous one fades quickly from memory, like a dream that disappears if you don’t write it down as soon as you wake up. I had two shows left in Winnipeg since my last “View From Here,” but darned if I can remember how they went.

Okay, now it comes back: Thursday’s was a crowd of 20 or 30, but quiet-ish. Friday, I remember seeing an uncomfortable-looking fellow sitting off to the side, away from the bulk of the audience, wearing dark glasses. I thought, “Oh, great, it’s a reviewer from another fringe city, come to review me before I get to town in Vancouver.” He was sitting alone, with a dour look on his face, as though he would rather be anyplace else. I was temp…